Van Kal Officials Association
56070 Murray Street - Mattawan MI 49071
"MHSAA Officials Working Together for Excellence in Officiating!"
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 Congratulations to VKOA Member Officials who have received post season assignments!!!

Sat, March 11 - 10:00am, Baseball Mtg
Sat, March 11 - 10:45am, Softball Mtg

Mon, March 20 - 6:00pm, Baseball Mtg
Mon, March 20 - 6:30pm, VKOA Annual Mtg
Mon, March 20 - 7:00pm, Softball Mtg

Sun, April 9 - 3:00pm, Baseball Mtg
Sun, April 9 - 3:30pm, Softball Mtg

*All meetings held at 1st Baptist Church, Paw Paw, 32464 E Red Arrow Hwy, drive around back, come in rear lower level (east of Secretary of State office, west of Almena Dr)

Van Kal Officials Association
56070 Murray St
Mattawan, MI  49071


President: Paul Eggers (

Vice President: Dennis Myers

Secretary/Treasurer: Chuck Rawsthorne ( 269-808-6212

Randy Hood
Decker Hains
Jim Alden
Terry Fosdick

Van Kal Sports Assigners
Chuck Rawsthorne - VB and Sub-varsity BB & SB ( 269-808-6212

John Martin (Varsity BB & SB)

Dennis Myers - SAC BA and SB ( 616-550-9912
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